September 28, 2020



Welcome to the rebirth of This blog will document the evolution of my side hustle as I try and define it as a new online brand and myself as an “expert” in the emerging longevity industry.

According to a recent report by investment bank Citi, the current anti-ageing market is worth about $200bn globally, but this only involves non-therapeutics such as cosmetic products and procedures. Recent breakthroughs in the science of ageing could produce commercial therapeutics within the next decade.

The New Economy in their online article, The longevity industry comes of age.

This blog will document what I do and how I do it to take from obscurity to hopefully and expert practice (speaking engagements and a book deal would be ideal) in the field of longevity.

The goal here at is after everything is said and done, approximately two years from now, others could use the information found here is what will be by then a hundred or so blog posts, as a case study on how to do the same for themselves.

Catchphrases that be used to describe my aspirations are solopreneur or authorpreneur.