September 28, 2020

Picking a domain name and social media handles


The first step in creating an online presence is picking a domain name.

I am a firm believer that you should not be cheap with this one and not only register your domain name but get an email address to go with it.

For, I use my iPhone email which is very similar to my domain name; I have also secured most social media handles for paulmacp:

How did I choose

For me, it was a quick brainstorming activity in front of GoDaddy’s domain search function. I was really surprised that this domain was still available for purchase. I immediately registered the domain via GoDaddy and opened a hosting account with them as well. I then re-launched and launched By launched/relaunched I mean I soft-launched them (installed WordPress, bought a WordPress Theme and started customizing it: more on those details in future posts, and started the process of adding content).

The hard launch will happen in a few months for both web concepts. The hard launch is when I will promote the websites in earnest, trying to drive traffic and awareness. Basically the hard launch is when the marketing begins. More on that as well in future posts.

For, I also bought a monthly office365 (email) subscription from GoDaddy for and have it integrated into my iPhone, iPad, and personal laptop. I secured the social media handles because of this using this email but shrunk to onlongevity so the handle would be under 15 characters (length restriction of twitter) for all of them to be consistent.

The youtube handle will come after I can get 100 followers as per their requirements (as documented here, How to Change Your YouTube URL).